Glowing L.E.D Wax Candles (Pack of 4)

Glowing L.E.D Wax Candles (Pack of 4)


These are truly remarkable candles. When lit, it gently changes color, creating a smooth ambiance in any room or location. It is a real wax candle with a flicker flame. These Color Changing Candles will have you amused and fascinated for hours! Each Candle adopts modern microelectronic technology. It contains an optical fiber alongside the wick, which senses the light of the flame, and activates the LED color bulbs. Once lit, it begins to create a fascinating display of continually changing light in an array of colors

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4pcs pack of Glowing L.E.D Wax Candles

The LED Light Up Wax Candle is a real wax candle that burns real fire, but the Lighted Wax Candle has a twist! When lit, the heat will trigger an LED light in the base of the LED Wax Candle that fades between red, green and blue. A unique and interesting candle you won’t soon forget.


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