14″ Glow stick (Pink)

14″ Glow stick (Pink)


These bright industrial strength glow sticks are ideal for Glow parties, Birthday’s, Concerts, Bonfire, emergency lighting etc. Use 14″ glow lights for a great glow effect. Hold it anywhere you want to make awesome party lights. They also make great emergency lights to have at home or in your car. An amazing source of waterproof, non-sparking, non-heat producing glowing light.

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1pc of 14 inch Glow Stick in PINK color
14 inch glow sticks are ideal for recreational events, concerts, parties, Rave, Birthdays and more!
These long glow sticks measure about 1/2 inch in diameter. Each stick glows 1 time.
Glow approximately 6-10 hours.
When you want to activate the item, snap and shake it.


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